Gisele Bundchen goes topless with hot girlfriend

August 25th, 2016 by J

Gisele Bundchen going wild with hot BFF on cam

Gisele Bundchen is probably not just one of the wealthiest models in her generation but she’s one hot Brazilian model who makes heads turn, whether it’s male or a female’s. She may not admit it but we’ll see in this kinky video just how much of a bisexual sex siren she is, going wild with one of her co-models while taking a quick break from a perfume shoot. Bundchen finds it nice that she’s actually attracted to her equally gorgeous lady pal and wanted so bad to grab those tits, like she hasn’t been playing with her own every single day. And so they made this naughty clip where they both play with each other’s fine breasts and gave each other some hot ass-slappin’ spree. They do have some audience while being their dirty selves and Bundchen wouldn’t mind earning way more she’s already earning if she gets invited over for some sleazy porn flick where she knows she’d enjoy licking cunts and blowing hard cocks at the same time. Her hubby never minds whatever sexual stuff she does as he knows that there’s only one massive dick that Bundchen will always come home to. Yes, this hardcore model has tasted a ton of different cocks but her hubby’s, she says, is the biggest of them all. That’s why she’s free to go gaga in and out of bed with whoever, as long as she sticks with her man.

Hardcore Gisele Bundchen enjoys double penetration

April 12th, 2016 by J

Brazilian fashion model, Gisele Bundchen, is one of the most sought-after models in the industry. She has graced a lot of magazine covers, men’s shoots, and fashion shows. She’s been travelling the world, meeting a lot of clients and prospects for her future projects and while these activities may seem to eat a lot of her time and energy, Gisele is not the diva type of model who would just sit back and relax at spas sipping margaritas. To relax, Bundchen has a more appealing way of spending her free time and one you can’t call a ‘me time’ since she invites over some of her buddies in the business to keep her company.

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Some models meet up with trainers for everyday jog and yoga practice, some concoct disgusting ‘healthy’ protein shakes in their kitchen every single morning just to keep their body tight and fit. Gisele Bundchen has tried all these before but it only ends up with her gaining more weight for no apparent reason so she thought of another plan that actually works. For her at least. She gave a new meaning to working out and this is her fucking rough with two men at a time, having her ass and cunt stuffed at the same time as she balances herself in between them, grinding furiously until she sweats a whole lot. Whenever she sweats, she loses fats and so it’s her effective way of losing weight. Sounds brilliant, eh? She’s getting more what she bargained for, so to speak. Having fun in this double penetration fuck sesh and maintaining her slim and sexy built. Smart chick and she has this video for us to enjoy too. It’s no biggie for her manager as he is also one of her playmates in these naughty sport of hers.

Nude Gisele Bundchen Sucks Dick

August 30th, 2010 by gise

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Can’t get enough of the sultry supermodel Gisele Bundchen? Well look no further and we got more of Gisele Bundchen’s hot and revealing photos and this time we have uncovered a huge load of her explicit naked photos where Gisele not only displays her succulent tits and fine, round ass. We have one photo of her in a very compromising position… and by compromising, we mean Giselle going down on some lucky guy and sucking off his huge cock!

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Hey Gisele, watch out for that blob of spunk heading your way! This gorgeous and boner-inducing Brazilian supermodel is simply the sexiest! See Gisele get into several provocative and seductive poses with her beautiful naked body flaunting before the camera while getting all fired up and kinky. And now you guys can get to see all of these hot nude and naughty pictures of Gisele Bundchen and get a load of more surprises waiting for you.

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Gisele Bundchen’s sexy pics in V Magazine

April 21st, 2010 by gise

Talk about the irony of things. Gisele Bundchen is definitely taking the term ‘half-assed’ to a different level in these boner-inducing pictures of her in V magazine. With the kind of body structure she has–slender  shoulders, slim waist and mile-long legs, you’d think her ass wasn’t that bootylicious but lo and behold, here in your screens is a photo of one of the sweetest badonkadonks I’ve seen in the history of modeling!

Seriously, how many super models can you think of who has an ass worth drooling over? I can only count with my fingers. You want the whole package? Only one woman comes to mind: Gisele Bundchen. Sultry lips, angelic face, succulent-looking tits and a slender physique is what describes a true goddess on the runway. And speaking of irony, I’m not sure how long ’til this rock hard dick of mine will calm down after seeing these aweseme shots. Since I’m in the office, all I can do Is tough it out but normally, I would just strike it while the iron is hot.

Hardcore pictures of Gisele Bundchen exposed

July 22nd, 2008 by gise

Well, well, well… this is definitely a good catch for all of us today and we have just unravelled more Gisele Bundchen treats that you guys out there will truly love! And now you don’t have to rely on your pornographic mind and have lurid sexual fantasies about Gisele just to get you off, in fact with these hardcore pictures we have discovered, you can just stare at our supermodel feline anytime while you wank your stiff prick ‘till kingdom come! Gisele can be a real slut as she gets herself some nasty playtime with her hot studs plugging their cocks into each and every available love hole on her.

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It’s simply hilarious and downright funny to have these fake nude pictures of Gisele Bundchen we have uncovered as we did some serious searching for some of her seriously sexy nude pictures all over cyberspace. Just think how many Gisele Bundchen fanatics out there tried their very best to have their favorite supermodel undergo a photo makeover so to speak as they paste her beautiful face on someone else’s naked body. They could have done something about it but their efforts are not enough and what you get to see is total disaster!

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We may not be surprised to know that Gisele had posed provocatively for several product endorsements in the past where you get to see her almost in the nude, but we stumbled upon something more daring and sizzling than those fashion magazine pictures of Gisele and now you get to see her fully naked and exposing all of her hidden treasures that men had been fantasizing for so long. And we say, Gisele can strike a classy naked pose for the cameras and she’s just piping HOT in these sample nude pictures we have of Gisele Bundchen.  And what’s more is that you are in for more alluring nude stuff from this pretty supermodel when you visit Gisele Bundchen Nude and get the entire collection of her nude pictures that other celebrity porn sites don’t have.